Lost Black Cat-(Handsome Devil)

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If you ever walk around Trenton and Susquehanna, chances are good you've seen LaMothe. He's a very big-12 to 15 pounds- long haired black cat. He moved into my house soon after i bought it in 2005. I had him fixed before i found out that he belonged to the neighbors and we shared custody for awhile. Later, they graciously told me that animals pick their people and that Felix picked me. P.S. If you meet Bernie and Cathy, or if he's being very bad, the cat's name is Felix.

Construction has begun at the lots on Trenton & Susquie behind my house (if you havent seen it, you will at the Trenton Arts Festival ) LaMothe is a savvy outdoor cat but perhaps this invasion of his territory-because he does believe all of Trenton to Norris to be his-was too much and he decided to leave. Im hoping he got stuck in the metal shop across the street and he'll be set free this early monday morning...

LaMothe is a fighter. His left ear is ragged, a claw has been removed from an injury, and usually you can find some scabs around
his neck. But he's a good kid. Please let me know if you see him.

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Handsome Devil FOUND!!!!!

Handsome Devil FOUND!!!!! thanks for your help everyone!

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Great news!!!!!

Great news!!!!!

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Please, keep your pets

Please, keep your pets inside!

(This must be about the bazillionith time I've posted this same message, and still, cats are lost, and apparently traveling from all parts of the world to poop in my yard!)