Did anyone lose a German Shepherd?????

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This morning at 9:30am I walked into the Thriftway. There was a German Shepherd wandering in the store, first following a man and then following me. Dog was saturated as if he had been out all night. Dog also had an injured back paw. He had a worn brown collar BUT NO TAGS!!! The SPCA came and took the dog. The poor guy had a long black face and was very friendly , licked me the whole time and he was nervous. Thriftway gave him a bone but he would not eat it, he kept tending his paw.

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If you haven't already you

If you haven't already you should post on craigs list.

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Thread drift... 66mustang215

Thread drift...

66mustang215 wrote:

The SPCA came and took the dog.

Is the SPCA officially back in charge of "animal control"?

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Hopefully this poor fellow

Hopefully this poor fellow was not thrown from car on back street. Seems to be the thing to do when fido is no longer amusing to owner. Will ask around and pray owner is found.