Found Dog - near palmer/belgrade (Edit: Back with owner)

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Found a dog today.

I'm not posting a pic b/c of a previous found dog finders experience but if you lost a dog - please let me know!


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What is with all of these

What is with all of these random dogs around the grave yard and why don't I ever find them?!

Also, it would help if you listed what type of dog it was at least.

The other day I helped find a dog for someone because of this website! The lady was driving around in her van asking people on the street if they had seen a chocolate lab. I remembered the post on here about a found lab and directed her to the website!

In addition, if you gave a description of the dog maybe those of us who live around the grave yard would recognize it as one of our neighbors!

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Whoops! Ignore my plea, I

Whoops! Ignore my plea, I saw your post on the other thread about it being a boxer mix of some sort.

Hope you find the owner!

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Hi - To be honest I've been

Hi - To be honest I've been trying to figure out what kind of dog it is. some mix of lab/boxer and/or pit. It's very unique looking, very well-taken care of and behaved AND very, very sweet. Sort of a reddish brown.

Please pass the word around - I know someone is missing him greatly.

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Hi All, The dog (whose

Hi All,

The dog (whose name was Buddy) is now back with his owners.
They found us when we were walking around. I'm glad he is home - he missed them!

I really liked the dog - he was a ridiculously lovey sweetheart.
Lol - I only had him for a couple of hours but I miss him; dogs are awesome.

Cats are happy though.

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Great news. Hopefully the

Great news. Hopefully the owners are now putting tags on him. WIth a dog that awesome, some people may opt to keep him next time he gets out!