Car breakin....If anyone finds...

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Hi all. This is from a fellow Fishtowner that asked me to repost...

Let the folks on know that b/t 3:00 and 4:15 on Tues 2/17 my car was broken into on 224 East Girard Avenue (in front of Ekta). Although I do know that leaving my backpack under the center console was not the smartest place for it, I thought that right in front of a restaurant and dentist office would be safe (lesson learned). A checkbook, military id (w/ SSN), spare car key, medical / dental cards, possibly $3.00 in loose change. If anyone finds a dark green Jansport backpack (loose change may have been stolen and the bag just ditched in an abandoned lot) please call 215-459-6899.

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Wow Sorry that happened to

Wow Sorry that happened to you, hope Someone finds your backpack and ID'

It happened to me before' I also have a habit of throwing my change in the console' and I went into a store before (broad daylight) and came out to find my window smashed for my change'

Probably about $20 in change and cost me $250.00 for the window' because the motor was broken

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Man. I am really sorry to

Man. I am really sorry to hear about that. I would be interested in knowing how it was broken into. Was a window broken? Which would make a lot of noise. Or was it unlocked, did they break a lock?

I had an artist studio in Detroit for a while and my car was broken into 3 times until I finally didn't fix the small back window they kept breaking, left the car completely unlocked and never left anything inside.

Fishtown is a FAR cry from Detroit. Still... it sucks to get ripped off.

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sorry this happened! i

sorry this happened!

i found about $3.00 in loose change when I cleaned the sofa yesterday, but I don't think it was from here.

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We had our window smashed

We had our window smashed for pictures, two envelopes of just developed pictured sitting on the front seat,,

The things peopple will steal

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UGH, this happened to me

UGH, this happened to me twice in less than 30 days when I lived in West Philly.

The first time, things stolen vs. things NOT stolen:

1. EZ Pass
2. Jumper Cables
3. Car Jack (just the jack, not the crank)
4. Tire Iron
5. A CD case full of sun warped CDs.
6. Roughly 60 cents in pennies.

Not stolen:

1. A check book. (For an account I canceled over 3 years ago...but hey...they didn't know that!)
2. An old pay check with all of my important information on it. (Social Security number, old address, etc.)
3. The crank to the jack.
4. A FULL set of Chick Tracts all the way up to 2001. (They were a joke gift.)
5. A Paul Lynd 451 CD (Pittsburgh might be able to appreciate this.)
6. A Weezer bootleg CD.
7. "The Club" which was just laying on my floor. (It doesn't fit my steering wheel.)
8. Notre Dave Starter Jacket that I've had since 3rd grade that my mom has always insisted I keep in my trunk...JUST IN CASE.

Cost of my side triangle window: 198 dollars.

The second time was a complete surprise because the FIRST time I had cleaned EVERYTHING out of my car other than the stupid Notre Dame Starter Jacket...which survived AGAIN!

So second time = Broke Window, NOTHING stolen.

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kdigi, I can sympathize... I

kdigi, I can sympathize...
I had my car broken into twice when I lived at City Line Ave & Lancaster Ave.

One time nothing was stolen, because I didn't leave anything in the car!
The other time they busted up the dashboard to steal a stupid little AM/FM/Cassette player - probably got $5-$10 for it back then. (c. 1990)

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I know this is a long shot,

I know this is a long shot, but that dumpster is right there on the corner of Girard and Marlborough,, They may have stashed it there..

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The loose change always

The loose change always kills me. All the cost, lost sense of security and trust, general aggravation, time, etc. And the thief gets $4 in nickels and dimes.

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Theft by any means really

Theft by any means really sucks. but destruction of property and theft is also shitty. I am still mad about my bicycle being stolen from my fenced in yard. I hope you get something back. I had my purse stolen before. The theives threw all of my ID's and cards on the ground, and a nice and wonderful citizen mailed them all to me. Talk about lucky.