looking to get a little work done on my house

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i checked on this about a year or 2 ago, and wasnt able, financially, to move forward with the work.
we possibly are in a better position now to get some work done on our house

i figure i would love to throw the work towards someone who is local, given the economy right now, its tough to find work, so i would like to help someone local if possible.

we own a standard 2 story row house, with a 1 story laundry room off the back. i would like to add a roof deck onto that laundry room, and replace a window on the 2nd floor with a door to the deck, so there is a little bit of demo work as well.

it will be a simple wood deck and railing, and i have architectural drawings and some existing photos available.

besides this, i would also look into doing some minor electrical work around the house, or at least find out what the price would be to do the following:
1. add some electrical outlets in at least one room
2. add a nice street lamp type light outside my front door
3. replace a flood light in my backyard with a nicer fixture
4. perhaps add a light outside the deck with a switch right inside

if anyone is a contractor or has had work done similar to the deck i mentioned, would you mind passing along their info if you would recommend them?

thanks a lot for any recommendations!

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Cunningham Construction

Cunningham Construction 1.267.432.5634

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Right now I'm having work

Right now I'm having work done on my house and the guy I'm using is fair and very good. G&N Construction 215 285 9152.

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My electrician is Mike

My electrician is Mike Lehman and I'd be happy to share his info with you via pm if you'd wish. He just rewired my house and in hardwired smoke detectors and cable and phone in every room. Clean, quick, professional and reasonable.

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thanks for the

thanks for the recommendations!
i will definitely be checking them out