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Was just browsing things on the site' and realized that this site in another 8 weeks is coming up on its 5th year Anniversary!!!

And I have been a member For 4 years and 4 weeks'

The calculation may be wrong because I used Dan's info as a member for 4 years and 44 weeks, it may not be accurate,

However' for the last 5 yrs has been a Big part of my Life' from entertainment' reviews' and of Course NEWS'

I can remember the way it looked when I first joined' =)

Dan has truly put so much time and effort into this site' and it's been Great! and Appreciated!

Thanks Dan'

Can you give me the Actual Launching of the Site Date?

And I had a blast reading 4 year ago posts' they are hilarious, I recommend doing it if your bored 1 day' There are some funny things

Dan should do a "Best of" or a Blooper thingy =)

Again, Dan thanks Alot for helping me stay involved and aware with what goes on in our Community, So many times I have went to for answers', problems, support, and even just Laughter' has been extremely helpful to me, so Thanks.....

Don't forget about giving me the actual date =)

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Hmm 5 years. Seems longer.

Hmm 5 years. Seems longer.

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jmminarik wrote:Hmm 5 years.

jmminarik wrote:

Hmm 5 years. Seems longer.

Maybe it is, I just went into the tracking and it said that I was a member for 4 years and 4 weeks, so I checked Dan's (Figuring he is the Oldest, well 1st member) and it said 4 years and 44 weeks

Waiting for Dan to let me know

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It all depends how you

It all depends how you measure it back.

Unfortunately the join date is lost for members who joined before the forum was converted to the Drupal CMS on April 1 (no joke), 2006. The first post in the database was made on April 8, 2004.

however, existed as a set of links before that...

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So, the 5th year anniversary

So, the 5th year anniversary is April 8th 2009?

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netable wrote:So, the 5th

netable wrote:

So, the 5th year anniversary is April 8th 2009?

If you're measuring 5th year as a functioning forum, I'd say the answer is yes.