Memphis & Dauphin

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Anyone know what's getting developed here? There's been a ton of pre-construction going on within the last week on the lot, and it seems to go all the way back to Gordon St. I remember going to an FNA meeting roughly a year ago, where neighbors shot down the idea of row homes going up - with a driveway splitting the two rows of houses. I remember thinking it was strange because the houses were going back towards Gordon St, as opposed to staying consistent with the rest of the block and going along Dauphin.

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Anything is better than any

Anything is better than any lot in Fishtown .

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kdubs215 wrote:Anything is

kdubs215 wrote:

Anything is better than any lot in Fishtown .

your zoning codes are getting less and less strict. friday I think crackhouses and speakeasys were not allowed, now everything gets the go ahead.