Quizzo Thursday at Paddy's Well...and Question of the Week.

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Hey everyone,
Thanks for everyone who came out last week, there were a good amount of teams at Paddy's Well.

1. Ron Gaystars 31
2. No means Yes 24
3. Chubby Buggers 20

This Week.....
Thursday 9PM....Once again...food, prizes, booze, music....and yes, now featuring heat!!!!!!

There's a themed music and picture round this week!
The picture round is movie based...and you need to give CHARACTER names from movie stills.
And the music round is titled "Definitely not their best work."

Question of the Week....What was the First "a cappella" single to hit the top of the Billboard charts?

Hope to see you all this week.
Hugs and Kisses

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Hope to see some of you

Hope to see some of you tonight~