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I know as a part of the stimulus package the government will pay 60 % of COBRA so anyone who lost thier jobs starting Sept 08 . I turned it down when my job terminated my job ( Oct 7th ) while recovering from three spinal surgeries because of the cost . Does anyone know if i can re apply for it ? I know this is all just happening but i got turned down for a medical card because my bank account ( i guess its dumb to be fiscally sound in this city ) A junkie can get medical coverage but a 37 yr old man who worked for 16 years cant ? whats wrong with this picture ?


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Wow...the stimulus package

Wow...the stimulus package stinks until it benefits you, eh? Anyways, my understanding of Cobra is that you can change your mind within 90 days of turning it down, but that was over 3 years ago, so I don't know if that's still the case.

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It still does its about time

It still does its about time regular folks get something from our gov . And ill be paying for all this crap for YEARS to come .

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Yes, you can re-apply for

Yes, you can re-apply for COBRA even if you turned it down originally. You will have 60 days to do it after the bill becomes law. If you qualify, the federal government will cover 65% of your COBRA expense for up to 9 months:

"Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) Continuation of Coverage:

* COBRA Subsidy - Eligible workers will receive a 65 percent subsidy toward their health care coverage premium for up to 9 months. The Treasury Department will administer the subsidy, providing employers or health plans, if they administer COBRA benefits, to receive a credit against payroll taxes for the cost of the subsidy. The subsidy would terminate upon offer of any new employer-sponsored health care coverage or Medicare eligibility.

* Employee Eligibility - Individuals who have been involuntarily terminated between September 1, 2008 and December 31, 2009 with annual incomes less than $125,000 (single) or $250,000 (couples) are eligible for the COBRA premium assistance, along with their family. Qualified individuals, who initially decline COBRA coverage, would be given an additional 60 days after they receive notice of the special election period to elect to receive the subsidy. The election period begins on the date of enactment of the ARRA.

* Special Enrollment - The bill allows group health plans to provide a special enrollment right to allow eligible individuals to elect different coverage under the plan in electing COBRA continuation coverage.

* Notice Requirements - COBRA notices must include information on the availability of the premium assistance. Model notices from the Department of Labor are due 30 days after enactment.

* Effective Date - These provisions are effective for premiums the first calendar month following the date of enactment."

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Thanks for the in for

Thanks for the in for fishtown dave .... I had three back surgeries this year and im scared not having insurance while i look for work ..... its insane for someone who worked 16 years cant get health coverage
again thanks

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