"Millenial Generation"?

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Just surfing around and came across the term 'Millenial generation'. It's mentioned in: http://www.comcast.net/articles/finance/20090213/BUSINESS-US-AUTOSHOW-YOUTH/

the article's about how the auto industry is trying to appeal to the kids becoming drivers today...iPods and electrogizmos being the focal point of features in cars for this 'generation'.

Guess maybe I'm a Millenial Boom Xer. I want dual exhausts, raw horsepower, leather, heated seats AND ipod connectors and so far, I'm digging that dogstar radio.

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demographically, you ride

demographically, you ride the boomer/xer line
you're a 13th Gen, I think :)

I read too much Howe & Strauss in the early 90s.