I need a spa day- getaway

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Does anyone have any recommendations?

I seriously need to go somewhere not too far away- and get seriously pampered.
I'm thinking like a hotel/resort/b&B whatever that is close by, has spa services, clean fluffy robes, and quiet. Simple, right?

I just need one night away from the dogs, the hubby, even friends. Ok I admit I probably need a shrink but that is a whole different discussion...ha.

I know its just a pipe dream since I don't really have much $- but please...anyone have any recommendations? There just has to be a recession/depression ladies make over and relaxation at a huge discount hotel package somewhere, right?????

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http://www.toppersspa.com/ Be

Been here a few times. It's in center city.

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Unfortunately all the good

Unfortunately all the good vacation discounts seem to be package deals. What about going up to a spa in the New Hope area and staying overnight in that area?

(No, I don't know any....I go to Termi di Aroma.)