Friday Wellness Thread - February 13, 2009

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So I lost a little bit of weight this week (1 lb), but I'm most proud of my re-dedication to the gym. I did two-a-days three times, this week! The owner of my gym has started teaching this fabulous half hour class that is fast paced intervals that combine aerobic exercise and strength it's been easy to do that during lunch and then come back after work for a full workout. She says she's based it on the increasingly popular P90 workout that's advertised all over TV...she is all about that workout, so if anyone is looking for a kick-butt home workout to try, that's the one!

But that totally was not my topic for this week. I recently joined, since it offered better options than my old calorie/fitness tracker ( They have a great selection of articles and this one caught my eye, this morning...

It's all about the difference in fitness levels between city dwellers and non-city dwellers. We tend to walk more than folks who live in more rural areas, but we also eat out more and get less rest, which studies say is important for overall health, not to mention weight loss.

So this week's question is: what are YOUR pros and cons for living in a city, when it comes to your health and wellness?

For me, a con is the fact that I actually walk less, here, than I did in New York, for a variety of reasons. In the last year, I've made an effort to turn it into a pro and walk more, when it's nice out. I've even walked all the way home from my office at 17th and Arch, a few times!

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PS Just found out that my

PS Just found out that my gym (Weston Fitness in Center City) is offering a special for new members...$59 to join (normally 99) and $37 per month. I think it's usually 39. No contract!

This is a really great, smallish gym, with a newly re-vamped class schedule that is varied and fun. Plus they are about to do some major renovations to the place and add some new equipment.

Just thought I'd make the plug, in case anyone is looking for a place to workout. It's not in the neighborhood, but it is convenient if you work in CC.