Lost Dog...Brown Boxer

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If anybody is missing a young brown boxer (I believe), I saw him hanging out at the corner of Memphis & Fletcher this morning. He actually was on my doorstep this morning, and was very friendly and confused. He had a collar, but no tags. Unfortunately, I had to go to work, so hopefully he is found by now...He was sniffing around that construction site on Fletcher just west of Memphis last I saw him.

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what color collar did he

what color collar did he have on please.

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there was an 8 mo old brown

there was an 8 mo old brown boxer at hetzels yesterday. his name was bruce i think. i hope its not him

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I think alot of people are

I think alot of people are letting their dogs out in their yards because of the warm weather and forgetting to secure their gates. Or maybe they just let them out to roam the streets. Either way. TAKE CARE OF YOUR PETS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

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Seriously please keep your

Seriously please keep your dogs on leashes or supervised off leash in your own back yard or dog park. I wonder if people get just how many dog aggressive /anxious dogs there are in this hood? I know because at the dog space over half our members have dogs that are not good with other dogs. Now take just one of those dogs and their responsible owners out on a nice warm day enjoying a walk together...then cue the beagle or whatever dog is out roaming due free and disaster could strike.

Who's fault? Well it doesn't much matter at that point- its just plain scary and not fun being around a dog fight :(

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I have the dog in my house.

I have the dog in my house. please call me if he is yours - I have 4 cats!


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I found a dog - I think it's

I found a dog - I think it's a boxer - dark brown. very sweet. No collar though, maybe it's a different dog? please pm me.