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Ok, I receive my Food Wednesday Morning, I opted to do the "Flex" plan in case I don't like it, 20 days for $199 it comes out to like $2.49 per meal and snack' not too bad I guess,

A few of my Girlfriends joined Jenny Craig and Lost like 15lbs this month' but Jenny is a lil too expensive for me, so I will try Nutrisystem, and Hopefully the food will be yummy'

I will let anyone who is interested know if it is do-able =)

Now, maybe I will visit the Gym.........

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I have done Nutrisystem and

I have done Nutrisystem and it's great! I highly recommend it. I used it about 2 years ago before I had ACL reconstruction. I knew I wouldn't be working out for awhile during recovery and wanted to make sure I didn't gain any weight during that time. Well, I didn't gain and I also lost during my 5 weeks on the Meal Plan. The food isn't awful and in fact quite tasty. The trick is to manage your portions and be careful when you go out. Also, definitely combine any dietary plan with the Gym. That's just my 2 cents. :D

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You give me

You give me Hope........

Thanks, Alberta, was my Gram's name' =)

Never met another one besides her

Alberta Maria Lombardo

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Received the Nutrisystem

Received the Nutrisystem Food Friday Afternoon'
Started it Today, and Surprisingly, it is pretty good'
I only ate the Breakfast and Lunch, but it was tasty and It filled me'

Bygolly' I think this is going to work............

I already feel like 50lbs have been lifted from my shoulders =)

Bikini here I come', Well maybe a Tankini =) next Summer definitely a Bikini,