Help needed for a family who lost their house in a fire

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This is from a woman in my church: My sister works with a woman who's house burnt down last night. They lost everything. She has twin boys who wear size eight pants and medium shirts, a girl who wears size 12 pants, large shirt and a baby boy in a size twenty-four month clothes wearing size four diaper. Can anyone help? Let me know if you have any of these items to donate and I will arrange to get them picked up.
Fran Stepnowski

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Maggie, I am really sorry to

Maggie, I am really sorry to hear about that, God Bless them, and unfortunately My Girls are 27 & 25 and Johnny is 18, however. if you PM me your address, I have no prob sending a monetary donation

Good luck with all your donations...............

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Thanks, Annette: I'll let

Thanks, Annette: I'll let Franny know (she's coordinating the donations)