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Since it seems like this is the thing to do on here (and I've been posting more lately),

I bought on the corner of Cedar & Dauphin back in 8/05. I'm a graduate of Temple Fox School and work for UBS out in Conshohocken, currently studying for my CFA license. I definitely camp on here at work after a few of my buddies, StillLife & MrT, were saying they post on here.

My grandfather owned a mechanic shop, Honer's, on Girard & Palmer caddy-corner from Lou Wolf's for a number of years until he passed away a few years back. My old man is from Kensington and a North Catholic alum, so although I grew up in Mayfair and then Warminster, I was down here all the time as a kid. Hopefully that removes me from the hipster/newbie category from all the old timers, but if not I'm not going to sweat it.

I try to get involved in the community whenever I can and most recently attended the meeting on the Holst Building at the St. Anne's Senior Center. My girlfriend moved in last summer and we couldn't be happier with the neighborhood. Looking forward to contributing on here moving forward and potentially meeting some of you along the way - I'm definitely planning on hitting up Starboard in the near future, and go to Memphis Taproom somewhat regularly (all about brunch).

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Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome!

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Welcome to the 'hood and the

Welcome to the 'hood and the boards, Honer!

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Hi Honer!

Hi Honer!

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Welcome! Great to have a


Great to have a Fishtown Legacy who became a Fishtowner!

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Welcome (home)! We will

Welcome (home)! We will look forward to having you at the next FNA meetings.