Ken Milano's History of Penn Treaty Park book published

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From an e-mail from local historian Ken Milano:

"Greetings fellow Kensington & Fishtown lovers!

"I am writing to let you know that my 2nd book has been published by The History Press. It is called The History of Penn Treaty Park. It sells for $19.99. I will be handling the book at my home and local events (Shad Festival in April, Trenton Ave Art Festival in May) and it will also be in the big chain stores like Barnes & Noble and Borders, as well as smaller chain stores like Atlantic Books (the stores down at the shore points). Local independent booksellers will also be carrying it (Port Richmond books on Richmond St above Ann, Germ Books on Frankford Ave above Norris St, Bookhave at 22nd & Fairmount, and probably Jospeh Fox in town, and a coupe of others). Local vendors like Greengrows on Cumberland & Gaul, will also be carrying it. It will also be online at,,,, and a couple of others."

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Ken lectured the other night

Ken lectured the other night at Nexus in the Crane Building. He spoke about the Kensington Riots of 1840. You'd be surprised how far the effects of those riots spread. They also broadcast it on the radio and followed it up with "Yard Songs", an exhibit/performance in homage to the Kensington Railroads. He's very knowledgeable and he writes in a voice that can be easily understood by common folk.

I'm looking forward to this book.

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He's a really nice guy too!

He's a really nice guy too! Hey! That makes TWO really nice guys with books in Fishtown! AWESOME!

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Ken Milano is a neighborhood

Ken Milano is a neighborhood treasure.

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except when he wrote that

except when he wrote that stuff about the old cemetary in 1865 where my house stands now. What with the stench and how they had to move all the corpses. I get nightmares.

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I enjoyed his last book so

I enjoyed his last book so i'll have to give this a look.