black cat -growing out lion type cut with pomish tail- have you seen it?

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Hi - I saw this black cat who looked like it was growing out a lion cut eating from my kitty feeder this morning and I found someone who lost a cat meeting this description.

The lost cats name is Jack and I'm hoping it's the stray I saw this morning.....

If you see, catch or know this cat would you let me know? (It's been lost since the summer, I think.)

The girls whose cat this probably is now lives out of town and is going to come by on Wed morning.

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Do you know what area you

Do you know what area you saw this black cat? because I have black cat that I let out everyday, around the Holy Name area.

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Near Palmer

Near Palmer that close?

i see two black cats at the feeder - one with a white flea collar and another one with the lion cut growing out.

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Mine has a red collar and

Mine has a red collar and his name is Mustafa and he is a little beefy to be a street cat.

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The cat I saw didn't have a

The cat I saw didn't have a red collar. So if anyone reads this - if you see a cat without the red collar, call for him - his name is Jack - and maybe he will come over.
Then email me!

giordano.dana at