Annoying Daily Wake Up Call

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To the person who, each and every morning between 4:00 and 4:30 a.m., lets their yappy little dog outside in the vicinity of Cedar and Cumberland, lets it bark non-stop for 5 minutes, then goes back inside....CUT IT THE HECK OUT! By the time I get out there to find out who this person is, they are back in their home! And I know I am not imagining it!

How incredibly rude and annoying that is! Please understand that I am not the only one complaining...I have heard it from not only my neighbors on my block, but neighbors a block away. If you continue doing this, you may find a flash mob like the one Jeffro talked about gathering on your doorstep! (Kidding, but still...!) PLEASE DISCONTINUE THIS BEHAVIOR!

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Sleepless on Cumberland

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Perhaps, the BB gun like

Perhaps, the BB gun like Jeffro mentioned would be more successful.
(Up to you, the owner or the whiney dog!).

You know I'm just kidding, and I feel compelled to say so, lest I be drawn and quartered by the pet lovers.