Dead horses found in the city

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As is the case with repeat

As is the case with repeat criminals constantly being released to offend again, this was a known problem. Officials turned their backs and could have done something earlier but choose not to and the situation deteriorated to the point they had to act. That is even a bigger shame on them.

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What you did not hear after

What you did not hear after the last case on fletcher street all those horse were return. They were being taken care of. In that instance of the Fletcher Street horses in the news was more because the city wanted the land they had been using for stables for alot of years. The horses were returned to those owner because the were and are being taken care of.
This is an isoleted case because of a sick person. He was not taking care of them because of a a heart attsck. He is still liable for their care and I am not excusing him for that When they need worming and teeth floated they tend to lose weight what they said was 3 out of 4 horse were removed and the other was left.
Unfortuneatly there are alot of animals abused out there and not being taken care of because of money trouble expecially now alot of animals are being abandon across we hear about dogs and cats here but Horses owners are also having toubles. Horse are being sold very cheap or abandon.
It is terrible when people can't give up their animals to better care, we all know cat people.