Green Street Holligans

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I ran into this movie last night by luck and i LOVED it . It was a great movie about one "firm" in London and the fighting that goes along with fans of each "football" clubs . It was wierd seeing Frodo fighting in the streets but if anyone likes soccer you would love this movie even though u see about ten seconds of soccer

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I'll check this out.

I'll check this out.

There are three movies I saw recently that I wanted to comment on.

One, The Dark Night. Christian Bale is lame, and I mean really lame, but I totally agree with the hype about Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker. He absolutely stole every single scene he was in. I haven't seen any other performances by this year's Oscar nominees, but I wouldn't be surprised if he wins. The next time I watch The Dark Night, it'll be because of him.

Two, Charlie Wilson's War. Philip Seymour Hoffman as the CIA agent was awesome, and a riot. Nominated for an Oscar last year, but lost out to Javier Bardem, which was fine, because he had a great performance too. I watched Charlie Wilson's War more than a few times, because I wanted to see Hoffman's performance. I had no idea it was him the first time I saw it.

Three, Burn After Reading. Another good one. Brad Pitt was hilarious and the rest of the cast was good too. But what I remember most from the movie were the two scenes with the Senior CIA official (played by JK Simmons). I think they were the funniest and the best written scenes in the movie.

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Nunzio wrote:Charlie

Nunzio wrote:

Charlie Wilson's War. Philip Seymour Hoffman as the CIA agent was awesome, and a riot.

I completely agree!!!

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If you like that check out

If you like that check out "Rise of the Footsoldier". Another british flick. Totally Awesome movie. Trust me kdub you'll love it.

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Ftown .. THANKS ... ill

Ftown .. THANKS ... ill check it out will i have the time before i go back to work