Daycare Needed At Home or facility DESPERATELY

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I have a 3 month old little girl. Shes happy, chubby, and very easy to watch. I work long hours, leave the house at 6:40 come home between 5 and 6. I need someone to watch my little girl who is responsible, doesnt smoke, or have a dog. Either in my home, or yours, or anyone wno knows a facility thats close and good.

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Try Girard Early Childhood

Try Girard Early Childhood Academy. They accept infants, but not sure if they have an opening. They are open early and final pickup is at 6:00pm.
(215) 634-4333

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Teddy Bear Day Care at

Teddy Bear Day Care at Atonement Lutheran Church on Montgomery Ave by Tulip. Call Pastor Maggie for the scoop or PM her when she gets on.

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There is a little place on

There is a little place on Girard two doors away from Canvass, I think Shelly's ?
There is also one on Girard at Crease,,

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I've been trolling

I've been trolling Craigslist for something similar, and there are a couple perhaps-viable ads up:

Good luck!