LIHEAP grants available to help pay winter heating bills

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Just a reminder everyone that LIHEAP grants are available to help pay your winter heating bill. Eligibility for the grants is based on household size and income. Given our current economic crisis, the eligibility criteria for this year's program has been greatly expanded. For instance, a family of four with an annual household income of $44,443 would be eligible for the grant. The minimum grant is $300, but could be higher, depending on household size and income.

The CRISIS portion of LIHEAP is an additional grant for households that have a utility shut off notice or whose service was cut for non-payment. The grant can be used to restore service or avoid termination. The maximum grant is $800. The Crisis grant can be used for other reasons, as well, such as fixing a broken heater or buying oil, if oil is your primary winter heating fuel. The income eligibility for CRISIS grants is the same as LIHEAP.

An important thing to consider about income eligibility is that it is based on your past 90 days of income or your past year of income, whichever is to your benefit. So, if you have recently become unemployed and suffered a drop in income, you may be eligible, even if your income over the past year would have made you ineligible.

Given the increase in income guidelines, more households and families will be eligible for the grant, especially seniors and the recently unemployed.

If you think you may be eligible, look into it. If you know you are not eligible, spread the word to those who you think may be. Again, the minimum grant is $300. Applying is easy. You can do it online, by mail, or by visiting a community organization or the office of an elected official. Many of them are assisting people with the application.

You can find more information about eligibility and how to apply by visiting the PGW LIHEAP web page at or by calling the PGW LIHEAP Hotline at 215-684-6100 to hear pre-recorded information.