Mugging 1-17-09

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I thought taking a cab was a safe way of getting home late night, until I was shown the false security of my assumptions this past Friday. Around 2AM, 01-17-09 on E Hagert Street between Tulip and Memphis I was dropped off by a Liberty Taxi in front of my house and as soon as I was out of the car the driver took off. A dark sedan (I think it was black and a newer model) driven by 3-4 young men dressed in dark hoodies had been lurching behind the cab. One of them jumped out of the car, attacked me, struck me in the face and threw me to the ground for my handbag before getting back into the car and driving off. I have filed a police report, yet I am doubtful there is any chance of restitution. I am fairly certain the perpetrators were merely after whatever cash I may have had, and may have discarded the rest of my belongings. I was carrying a large leather black bag (my Christmas present no less!) the contents of which included an iPhone (long gone I'm sure), my wallet, some makeup, hat and gloves, a copy of Alice in Wonderland, a paycheck, and sadly my keys which I hadn't even had time to take out before the hit. If by any chance anyone happens upon one of these items, their retrieval would make my day!
I want to feel safe where I live, and these guys took that from me too. I hope I was the only victim of their violence that night, but once a mugger always a mugger, and these guys may crop up around Fishtown again. If you are traveling alone late at night ALWAYS MAKE YOUR CAB DRIVER WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE IN!!

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I sometimes have a feeling

I sometimes have a feeling that the cabbies set this up. The same exact thing happened to my Mom back in the 80's. I think this is a pretty common scheme.

I'm sorry this happened to you. It's an awful feeling when you're not secure in your own neighborhood. I pray you get some stuff back, and I hope the dick heads that robbed you will see some kind of justice. That's really weak what they did.

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Hope you are OK--that's a

Hope you are OK--that's a lot of stuff to lose besides being hit and knocked down. Losing your keys is really a hassle. Hope you got in all right and can get your locks changed.

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tudor wrote:Hope you are

tudor wrote:

Hope you are OK--that's a lot of stuff to lose besides being hit and knocked down. Losing your keys is really a hassle. Hope you got in all right and can get your locks changed.

Tudor hit on something very important. Change those locks. Don't think they won't have the guts to come back. They could.

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My first thought also, was

My first thought also, was the cabbie is in on it. My experience has been that cabbies almost always wait a minute, get their money together, and call dispatch to let them know they are available again.

I'm incredibly leery of cabbies nowdays, and only get them when I call Yellow Cab, and order one. I used to get them all the time, from town to home, but no so much anymore. As I am neurotic/borderline insane, I'm always afraid I'd get in an accident with one, and I read somewhere that the cab isn't liable for the passengers....I'm not sure about that, but I'm always scared about it.

Glad your okay though, hope some of the things return to you.

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That is just awful, I hope

That is just awful, I hope you are okay. I would say that the cabbie was somehow involved, that just seems too random. Can we get a better description of these attackers so that we can all be on the lookout. I don't think that you should let this incident infringe upon your sense of security, that seems to be a pretty tight-knit area where it happened.

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Sweetie, I'm so sorry about

Sweetie, I'm so sorry about this. Let me know if there's anything I can do. Hopefully you can get your paycheck reissued at the very least. There are locksmiths on Girard as well.

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Really, really sorry this

Really, really sorry this happened to you.

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I hope you're alright.

I hope you're alright. Nothing gets my blood boiling more than a man hitting a woman (assumption made from handbag, aplogies if you carry a man bag, I got no beef with man bags).

I doubt the cabbie was in on it. It sounds little too much like a TV episode. Perhaps the cabbie saw the shady car behind him and bolted for fear he was gonna get robbed himself. Plus, I often have a hard time even getting some cabs to take me to fishtown, so perhaps he was just nervous and wanted to get the F out of dodge.

Regardless, I'm really sorry for you. Hopefully you get your confidence/security back. Try not to travel alone when you can.