purging mac gearo

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ibook g4 14" screen 1.33GHZ 256MB RAM - needs new battery - otherwise a-ok $200
powerbook g4 - 15" - 1.25ghz 2GB RAM - screen is kind of wonky. will provide connector for plugging into external monitor - $300
ibook g3 600mhz - $100
imac g3 grey - not sure of the specs but it runs. best offer.

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I guess you updated to a

I guess you updated to a more recent mac. Try ebay! You should be able to get rid of the ibook g4 for more then $300.00. And you could get more then a hundred for the ibook g3 at least close to $200.00. There is a pretty good demand for these machines on ebay.

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yes got a new macbook pro

yes got a new macbook pro recently. was trying local as to not have to deal with shipping. saving the hassle of shipping makes letting them go for cheaper worthwhile.