A new bill to legalize table games in Pa. casinos.

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Some say time right to expand gambling in PA
Published: Sunday, January 18, 2009


It may be premature to expect a table game Bill passed this year but with the addition of table games at racetracks in nearby West Virginia and competition from other bordering casino states and the fact that you don’t see many males under the age of forty gambling in our slot parlors along with the great generation who are 60% or more of PA. slot players leaving the planet shortly makes table games inevitable. And when that day comes it’s a sure bet that the compulsive casino gambling problem will escalate and that will bring more crime, bankruptcies, divorces, suicides, and children left without care and food because one or both of their parents will be gambling. So my hat goes off to Gov. Rendell, Rep. DeWeese, Rep. Wansacz, and to all those other pillars of our society for doing one hell of a job pimping the usage of this so-called form of entertainment that none of them has yet to participate in.

Open this link and listen to Rep. Wansacz giving his opinion on table games and playing Pa. slots.


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Las Vegas is trying to cut table jobs and break or prevent dealer unions.

The casinos at Pocono Downs and Mount Airy are using electronic "dealers"
Computerized tables with avitar dealers.

With the computerized tables they can not rig the odds (in theory) but they can track your "habits" and will send a free drink or "perc" if the program deduces a player has reached a point that they may leave. This is why they use the "player cards" and not cash or tokens.

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Any bills to allow table

Any bills to allow table games in exchange for getting rid of slots?