Groove Hound

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Ok, I have the craziest Poms' they are definitely not prissy balls of furs' they are total dirt balls' they love the river and the mud' and its really hard to keep up with them and its been so cold; so I havent given them a bath for awhile cause it takes like 2 hours to blow dry them

I took them for the 1st time to Gert @ Groove Hound' and OMG!!!!! They look and Feel INCREDIBLE!!!! I always use Chez Bow wow' they go there like 3 times a Year' and Chez does a Great Job' I never had any complaints' but they are always so busy' and U have to make an appointment and it slips my mind' because I am always on the go'

Last Saturday I stopped in Groovehound and made an appointment for Today' and Gert did a magnificant job!!!! My dogs smell and feel so GOOD!! And It was so much Cheaper then Chez!!! My Babies are Silky and Fresh and their Fur never FELT SO SOFT!!!!!

$35 per Dog!!! Thats It!!! and they were filthy matted balls of fur, I was kinda embarrassed of the condition they were' in, In fact I was hoping to find some time to bath them this week prior to taken them to see her =)

They Both had Hot Oil Treatments HAHA, can you imagine' Hot oil treatments for Dogs??? I want to go around myself now and see if she can give Me a Hot oil Treatment, so my hair can be as silky and soft as theirs!!!!!

Gert, if you read this I didnt thank you enough' I am SO PLEASED With your Service' and it will be a Privelege to be added to your list of Clients'

Not only did I get to Brand New Poms' but I also got to witness the feeding of a 2 week old Rotweiler' (Because she Fosters' for Paws) AWESOME!!!

EVERYONE" Try her Out, GRoove Hound is AWESOME!!!

Kita and Sebastians Mommy

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This needs a Bump, because

This needs a Bump, because Groove Hound Is GREAT!!!

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This needs another bump

This needs another bump because my Babies still feel as soft as cashmier and still smell Yummy!!!

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Thanks for the review. I

Thanks for the review. I have been wondering about the place. We have gone to the groomers in NoLib - don't know the name. They are good, fair price. But not $35!

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Do they deal with neurotic

Do they deal with neurotic scaredy-dogs?

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Yes--Gert is amazing with

Yes--Gert is amazing with dogs. Taking my dogs there this week hopefully.

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I've got a beard trimmer and

I've got a beard trimmer and a bathtub for free. I use coconut scented shampoo on Weston and he smells like pie. Sounds like a good place for your fussy mutts.

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I LOVE Gert. She's the

I LOVE Gert. She's the freaking dog whisper. She was able to cut my fussy foster beagle's toe nails with out much of a fight and my Pekingese always walks out of there smelling good and looking handsome for a reasonable price.

HIGHLY recommend.