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Hey you guys,
I'm sure this is kind of a repetitive question however, I was wondering who you call when someone is dumping trash all over the street. I'm a renter and apparently there is work being done on a building (warehouse?) a couple of houses away from me. My roommate came home and told me that the men working on this building had a flat bed truck filled with untied trash bags full of trash, and the trash was blowing in the wind all over our sidewalk. I'm not sure confronting these men directly is a good idea. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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Dial: 3-1-1 That's the

Dial: 3-1-1
That's the city's new central number.

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You can also call the police

You can also call the police because the contractor is violating L&I laws. We had that happen several years ago, the police came and shut them down.

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thanks nick-bug and pure

thanks nick-bug and pure fishtown!