The man who saved the Eagles from Phoenix

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Posted on Thu, Jan. 15, 2009
The man who saved the Eagles from Phoenix
By Frank Fitzpatrick
Inquirer Staff Writer

Gambler Bets, Drinks, Loses and Then Sues
Published: March 1, 1993

I've often wondered what this most generous man legacy would have been if casinos never open in Atlantic City. I spent some time with Charles Peruto Sr., and Leonard Tose back in the early 90’s when Peruto represented Tose in his lawsuit against the Sands hotel and casino. I told Peruto and Tose that they had no chance of winning this case but they have the opportunity to make the public aware of how these casinos are destroying individuals and families. They didn’t want to hear that. Tose was, by his admission, a compulsive gambler and an alcoholic. The Sands sued Tose for $1.23 million in gambling debts, he countersued, contending that the casino got him too drunk to know what he was doing. But even with a casino cocktail waitress testifying that her duty was to keep Mr. Tose's monogrammed glass, courtesy of the Sands, filled with top-shelf scotch and a jury seeing markers he signed one night at 9:20pm, for $100,000 another $100,000 at 9:45pm, another $100,000 at 10:05pm; his signature after each transaction barely recognizable would prove no liability on behalf of the Sands.