Fishtown Schools Overcrowded While City Has Excess School Space

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Since our schools are

Since our schools are overcrowded, it just makes so much sense to shut down our library. Doesn't it? Most of the students attending the schools in these areas certainly don't live in these areas. We pay for their daily Septa passes via tax dollars, when the schools in the student's backyard that they could be walking to remain at half capacity. Shoot, they can't even get teachers to go to half of the schools. The city does the opposite of logical thinking in their decision making. I just don't get it

Gimme a Break!!

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There actually a lot of

There actually a lot of under-used real estate all over the city. It might not even be necessary to have to send students all the way to a low-capacity school if there were another building in a better place that could be used, if the city fathers would allow it.