Car Stolen on E Thompson at Nevada Street

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My car was stolen parked on the corner of Nevada and Thompson last week on wednesday.

I called the police that evening, they didn't come until the next day. Later that day, however, I got a call from the police asking if two kids had permission to be driving my car. Turns out the stolen vehicle report was never entered into the system.

A cruiser came and picked me up, took me up to Kensington and Allegheny, where they pulled the car over. Two kids had been driving it, who I assume stole it, and are now being convicted by me in Juvenile court.

They got into the car and started it with a filed down old Honda Civic key, which worked somehow. If you have a Honda Civic watch out for this, my car has been broken into many times (not in Fishtown) and they are popular cars among thieves.

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Thanks for sharing this

Thanks for sharing this news, Kirk.

I'd also like to suggest that your complain long and loud regarding the pathetic response you received to your stolen car report, and also praise long and loud for those involved in recovering it.

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That sucks but I am glad

That sucks but I am glad they caught the kids. Your lucky actually- when they stole our car last Christmas they (kids) destroyed the ignition thingy so it costs us $400+ to get it fixed.

We are still going to court a year later- prosecuting these people and actually having anything come of it takes FOREVER. Seriously-2 juvies and 1 adult and my husband has been to court over 10 times in last 14 months. The great thing is half the time they don't show up and it gets postponed..but if you, the VICTIM, don't show- the case gets dismissed. stupid stupid stupid.

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Sorry about your really

Sorry about your really rotten experience. I keep hearing that about Honda Civics.

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tudor wrote:Sorry about your

tudor wrote:

Sorry about your really rotten experience. I keep hearing that about Honda Civics.

Before I got my new sled, had a many-years-old Honda. It was stolen outside of my house. It was locked for sure. After being stolen, it was found in Camden, ignition busted open, entire dash panel ripped out, etc, etc. They found it after 6 or so days in Camden, abandoned and ripped through.

Honda Civics popular.

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Perhaps they were using the

Perhaps they were using the car to film Fast & the Furious 3?