Fletcher and Ceder sts

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Any thoughts on this area? Anyone?? I'm purchasing a house around that area soon and wanna hear everyones thoughts thanks! Crime, drugs, safety?

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I'm in the 2300 block of

I'm in the 2300 block of Fletcher. The only comment that I can offer is that whatever happens to the old Crazy Fish tavern may have an impact --good or bad-- on your purchase.

Good luck!

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I am on the other side of

I am on the other side of York. When we were looking I could not afford that area. So I assume it is more desirable / safer / cleaner. It sure looks well kept over there.

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I actually live at Cedar &

I actually live at Cedar & Dauphin - don't really have to worry about crime minus a car break-in here or there (usually from leaving stuff visible). If you're on Cedar on the Crazy Fish side there's some dime bag business going on...but nothing crazy. They use to chill on the corner of C&D but seem to have moved to another location. Good luck with the move