Andy Reid & Donovan McNabb...

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I support Andy &

I support Andy & Donovan.

They consistently have some of the best records in the NFL. Sure, they're not perfect and I often wish they could kick it up just one little notch to be the superior team in the league, but I don't think you walk away from this level of quality.

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never heard of 'em

never heard of 'em

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I wanted one of them gone

I wanted one of them gone (preferrably Andy), but they've proven me wrong and my hat is off to both of them. Go Eagles!!

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They pleasantly surprised me

They pleasantly surprised me this year. I really didn't think they would make the playoffs. I'm stoked that they are still in.

One thing that still drives me crazy is Reid's poor clock management.

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roma258 wrote:I wanted one

roma258 wrote:

I wanted one of them gone (preferrably Andy), but they've proven me wrong and my hat is off to both of them. Go Eagles!!

Don't be so hard on yourself, Roma. Andy finally starting doing what everyone else recognized had to be done. More runs, more balance, more use of the bench. All the talking heads, nearly the entire fan base, and even DNA wanted Andy out the door. The team itself was in near mutiny, as witnessed by the public comments by Donovan and Westbrook in which they began to question Andy's decision-making. It seems like Andy finally got the message. Heck, even Andy extolled the virtues of a balanced attack after their win against the Giants in December.

The reason this team is still in it though is the defense. They've been punching the clock all season. The offense called in sick more than a few times. And right now, the defense has kicked it up to another level. They're en fuego.

It's been a breakout year for Quentin Mikel and Broderick Bunkley. Sheldon Brown showed why he should be starting over Lito. Even Joselio Hanson has shaken off his previous incarnation as Izel Jenkins. And all Asante Samuel does in the playoffs is intercept passes.

In terms of leadership, this is B'Dawk's best year, hands down. He's the one who held the team together. I think this season has cemented his Hall-of-Fame credentials. Performance-wise, he started out slow this year, but ended up earning a spot in the Pro Bowl. Receivers still fear him, and with good reason.

When a team reaches the heights the Eagles have this year (and their run isn't over yet), it's impossible to pin it on one player. But, when I think about how the Eagles got to where they are today, the first person I think of is B'Dawk.

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Looks like andy stop being

Looks like andy stop being so stubborn ... His play calling was awful and the fact he didnt think it was a priority to have a REAL full back boggles my mind
Thank God for the D

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I still want Mcnabb gone.

I still want Mcnabb gone. Especially after that sideline phone joke.

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As they say, winning cures

As they say, winning cures everything.

Well, even I was thinking that Reid and McNabb needed to move on after the year but yes, they've turned it around. Agree w/Nunzio about Reid just doing what the fans have wanted him to do all along. But man, the guy's record speaks for itself. He gives us a chance just about every year and we're talking about them in the NFC Championship AGAIN. Watching this team has been alot of fun under Reid and besides the elusive super bowl win, what else can you ask for? All the Reid haters have to admit that his draft picks on defense are looking pretty good right now...

As for McNabb, while his stats against the Giants weren't that great, I have to admit he made some clutch throws that not many other QBs could have made. He's proved he's still great and the Eagles probably need to keep him. However, I too get really annoyed whenever he speaks. He still won't admit that we WAS playing terribly and the team basically got lucky and backed into the playoffs. Then there's the arrogance, his poor understanding of the fan base... he just doesn't get it. Win the gosh darn super bowl and then we 'might' be able to talk about vindication.