Will the Eagles win the SuperBowl?

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They only need one win to go there.

Tell us how it's going to happen - or why it might not.

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I am not sure if they'll

I am not sure if they'll beat the Cardinals, because they have trouble keeping winning streaks going that long - plus, I have a friend in Arizona who always seems to get her way when it comes to sports stuff.

That said, I think they *can* beat the Cardinals - and if they do, I say they win the SuperBowl.

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meh. i'm annoyed that

meh. i'm annoyed that they're doing so well b/c it makes people forget about the money they owe the city. if the eagles do win the superbowl, i hope they fund the parade and subsequent cleanup.

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Chances are great . Defense

Chances are great . Defense wins championships then we (ranked 4th in defense) should beat them (cardinals ranked 19th in defense) . Winning the Superbowl ? well we beat Pittsburgh already this year and the game against the Ravens was the one Donovan was benched and if I remember we weren't getting crushed when Andy pulled McNabb it only turned into a blowout after Kolb went in . I am pulling for an ALL PA superbowl . either way I think we have a great shot at winning and this magical year in Philly sports will go on !

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dan wrote:They only need one

dan wrote:

They only need one win to go there.

Every playoff win is a tough win. Any NFL team (except maybe Detroit) can beat any other team on any given Sunday... I'm not focusing any farther than AZ. At least, not to the extent that I can help it.

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One game at a time! ask me

One game at a time! ask me next week!

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Let's just get past the

Let's just get past the Cardinals first. It's going to be another Sunday Fun Day for me this weekend. Eagles and Pittsburgh playing. Eagles always FIRST, but then I root for the Steelers.