Would decriminalization of drugs improve or hurt our neighborhood?

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Would it increase or decrease drug usage?
Would it decrease or increase the negative secondary impact of the drug trade?

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I honestly think it would

I honestly think it would have little impact on our neighborhood if they legalized drugs. Addicts would still be addicts. Dealers would just move on to some other bottom-feeding profit making scheme.

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I think it would improve the

I think it would improve the neighborhood by making drug dealing much less profitable. Thankfully Fishtown does not have the open air drug markets like some of the rougher parts of Kensington, so those areas would see a much larger improvements. One negative side effect could result in higher property crimes/stick ups, as the former drug dealers look for a new source of revenue. Overall I think the effect would be positive and the taxes raised from legal drug sales could be used to fund detox centers/training programs.

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i think when it comes to pot

i think when it comes to pot decriminalization wouldn't hurt the neighborhood,but the bigger problem comes from the legal drugs prescribed by doctor's and heroin you can't let these be ignored