The Return of the Weight Loss Thread - Week 1

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So with a minimal amount of interest in bringing back the Weight Loss thread, I figured I'd start it and see what happens. I really liked having the thread because it was one of the more supportive and encouraging experiences I've had on, and I think alot of folks enjoyed it, whether it was out of support, competitiveness, or hatred of fat people. (I kid, I kid.)

Weigh yourself in, today, and we'll check back in next friday to see what we've lost. I've gained five lbs since my wedding in September, so I'd like to lose that and then some! Small goals have proven to be successful for me, so my small goal is to lose 10 lbs before my next doctor's appointment in February. (Don't y'all HATE getting weighed in at the doctor's office? It always feels so judge-y!)

Does anyone else have short/long term goals to share?

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Okay, I've lost 0 pounds

Okay, I've lost 0 pounds since today.
My short-term goal is to find a scale.

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Okay, i can do this. i will

Okay, i can do this. i will get on the scale tonight. BTW, this is my favorite Smiley :violent2:

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Weight watchers is on Thur

Weight watchers is on Thur night at Bethal Baptist at 6pm the meeting start. I go around a 5:30 to talk and say hello.

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FOr the last 3 weeks this is

FOr the last 3 weeks this is the scenerio....

-I work my butt off at my new job Monday-Friday, I eat healthy, light meals, and I loose 1-2 lbs during the week.
-Sat and Sun I eat like a pig and gain back whatever I lost durring the week.

What sucks is I know better, but am seriously lacking the willpower on the weekends. I need to stop giving myself food rewards, but I haven't found anything to replace it with that I enjoy as much aside from things we don't discuss on the family board, which I get plenty of thankyouverymuch.

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Okay... I'll try


Okay... I'll try again.

I have gained 2 lbs over the holidays, have a goal to lose 20 by summer.

I go to Yoga most saturdays and am trying to eat healthier.