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Are there any Pediatricians in the neighborhood anyone would recommend?

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There is a pediatricians

There is a pediatricians office at the forks...

I know the clinic at the old Episcopal is a madhouse, but I know a few people who go to the Susq. or Memphis Street office. (The Memphis St. office is behind the Aramingo Diner).

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I know it's not in the hood

I know it's not in the hood but jefferson peds are great. I have been taking my daughter there since she was born and I love it.

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We drive to Drexel Hill to

We drive to Drexel Hill to Kids First. I have brought the girls there since I moved out here 11 years ago.

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Me and my ex take my son to

Me and my ex take my son to the doctor at the forks and we are happy with the care .....

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Society Hill Peds 13th &

Society Hill Peds

13th & Locust (the building with The Muses Mural)
Parking stinks but the staff are great. We take the El in warm weather.
The MD's and NP's are kind, thorough and great with kids.
The wait is always reasonably short.
They have separate sick and well waiting areas (very important).
They call you back within 20 minutes during off hours for urgent questions.

My daughter has been going there for almost 9 years and I am very happy with the quality of care they provide.

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"the doctor at the forks" is

"the doctor at the forks" is Dr. Elana McDonald, at Pizzica Health System's susquehanna family medicine office. We've been using her for years: I really like her, and her staff, a lot. There can be a long wait in the office, but that is because she takes the time to talk to you and your child. I also like the fact that I can walk there if I have to.

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Also not in the

Also not in the neighborhood, but we use Dr. Berger at Center City Peds. It is at 17th and South. He is great. Waits are short. He has some evening and weekend hours and calls you back personally if you call with questions.

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We use CHOP Pediatrics.. A

We use CHOP Pediatrics..
A little far, 40th and Market Area,