Furniture sale/give away

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I'm going to eventually post this on craigslist but figured I'd put it on here first...keep it in the hood and all.

Two things: 1) I can provide pictures on request, just PM me your email address and 2) WE HAVE NO WAY OF DELIVERING ITEMS TO YOU. You must pick them up with your own truck/van/skateboard/whatever.

Small writing desk - unfinished - good condition. Three small drawers on the side and one middle drawer, plus two small shelves on the other side. Would be perfect in a kid's room or as a work station in a kitchen. $50

Granas coffee table from Ikea ( - glass top - mesh shelf for magazines, coffee table books, etc. $40

Couch - okay, this couch is only two years old, but our cats have literally destroyed the upholstery on it. But it's a great couch, WITH A SLEEPER BED INSIDE, and the cushions/frame are still in great shape. It could be slipcovered, but it would be amazing if someone wanted to reupholster it. This item is FREE. That's right, I said FREEEEEEEE.

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BUMP! We also have a futon.


We also have a futon. Wooden frame college style model. Could use a new mattress cover, but otherwise it's good. $20.