Who's right?

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He is.
6% (2 votes)
The other guy is.
6% (2 votes)
They're both right.
3% (1 vote)
They're both wrong.
35% (11 votes)
now that she mentions it, she is
19% (6 votes)
and so are you
29% (9 votes)
Total votes: 31
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They're both wrong because

They're both wrong because I'm right.

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I object to the use of

I object to the use of male-only pronouns. You're so sexist, Dan!

/sarcasm font for people who can't figure it out

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problem corrected, laura :)

problem corrected, laura :)

2014 susquehanna's picture

She could also be wrong.

She could also be wrong. Why do you fear her? Did she threaten you too?

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You want some of this,

You want some of this, 2014??? I know where you live. Wait...we all do.

Fear me.

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Geez, Everyone is right

Geez, Everyone is right Silly, except of course when they disagree with me =)

P.S. I was gonna say Laura instead of me, but I decided to "Let there be Peace" j/k