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I log on, check out the recent posts, respond to something of interest and then hit recent posts again only to find that I am no longer logged in. I clear my cache and the same thing happens. Sometimes I can hit recent posts twice but rarely do I not get logged off. often I see my name listed twice in the online users and I'm not logged in.

WHAT GIVES? It's not my computer because I just got a new system and had the same issue on both. Could it be AOL? Does this happen to anyone else? I'll live with it if it's just me and stop my complaining.

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It could be aol. Aol caches

It could be aol. Aol caches web pages for faster opening. They do this to speed up page openings on slower connections. It's meant to help those who dial up but it still is done on aol on dsl/broadband. There could be a conflict between the older cached page and the current fishtown page cause you to become unlogged when switch post.

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LOL. that's funny. before I

LOL. that's funny. before I even read this thread I just noticed that you're logged on 3 times.