Fishtown Librarian transfered (DISGRACEFUL)

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The city in its usual, "I'll get even mentallity" has decided to transfer the head librarian out of the Fishtown branch. This group has completely turned the library around. Maybe that is the reason. The city does not condone any one running a top notch operation. But my guess is it is a spite kind of thing. Fishtown was the most vocal about the shutdown so the Childish management of the library will get even. Ashame that people that are there to run our city are so petty.
Also no full time replacement is planned. Guess they still plan to close it. Note to management, check your history your not the first to try and close our library and you won't be the last. And we all know how these battles have turn out.

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Meanwhile, how many $300k+

Meanwhile, how many $300k+ consultants did it take to tell our new idjit mayor to close the Libraries and reassign PFD equipment?

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See if the city had all the

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Libraries will remain open

Libraries will remain open beyond 12/31/08 -

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Um....perhaps the transfer

Um....perhaps the transfer was put into motion weeks ago, before the court issued the order to keep the libraries open. Did anyone think of that? Sheesh.

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I can say from a pretty

I can say from a pretty reliable source that that is most likely the case.
Unfortunately, the Free Library is scrambling right now and the librarians are having to bare the brunt of this whole ordeal. It's a logistical nightmare.

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The transfer info was given

The transfer info was given to her a couple of weeks ago.
All of the staff from our branch had new assignments. After all, the Library really thought those doors would be closing today.
At the meeting with all of us the other night, no one was sure what the granting of the temporary injunction would mean.
My heart goes out to these folks working there...they've been on such a roller coaster ride!!!
I just wish the Mayor & his staff had thought through this process before they cut anything! How did they think we would just roll over and take a triple hit and not respond? Guess they had the wrong consultant!

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Tranfer orders were given,

Tranfer orders were given, you are right. But were all stopped(almost all) when the judge ruled the mayor was wrong and could not close the branches. Doesn't it seem strange to u that the branch she is being sent to will now have 2 head libarians and Fishtown will have none.
I get it this is the new way for the city to waste money so they can cry poor to the appeals judge and they can tell him theres no money to hire the necessary staff. No that would take brains. I think I will stick with the child like spite theory....

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All branch libraries are

All branch libraries are supposed to be staffed with two librarians. This is standard procedure.
It's not as easy as simply picking up and moving to (or back to) another branch. When one librarian or staff member moves, there is usually a whole chain of other librarians or staff members that are shifted around as well.

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Whoever has the info about

Whoever has the info about the transfer should notify the press immediately!

The injunction is in place and nothing should change while it is still standing.

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as i said in my comment that

as i said in my comment that was moved for no reason . all the orders where put in when the move was made to close them ... Again our city screws up big time . How couldnt nutter or the morons he hired to consult him not see the communities would fight this ...