Preliminary Injunction Halting Library Closures Granted!!!

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"Judge Fox granted the preliminary injunction halting library closures and reportedly said that we are a strong city, will get through this budget crisis, and that the City must follow the law."

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YES! ! !

YES! ! !

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Nice going. How much time

Nice going. How much time does that buy, do you know? Until after the inauguration anyway?

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Ok thats good but isnt this

Ok thats good but isnt this just a bandaid to stop the bleeding for a few weeks ?? Most likely the city will do what it needs to do .

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OMG, that is great news.

OMG, that is great news. has a few more details (not many):

Thanks to everyone who's been fighting the closures!

Alexia and I went to the hearing yesterday, and I'm sorry we didn't go back today to be there when Judge Fox issued the ruling.

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Big round of applause for AJ

Big round of applause for AJ Thomson for getting the ball rolling with all of the organizing, which eventually led to this lawsuit, and to the attorneys and plaintiffs who made it happen. This isn't the end, but as I said to the Library Committee earlier, it sure is a much nicer way to start the new year.

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This is all too exciting.

This is all too exciting. Sitting in that courtroom yesterday was inspiring, and Judge Fox is just awesome. It just felt like she was going to grant the injunction!!!

Becky, I too am sorry we didn't go today!

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A W E S O M E ! ! !

A W E S O M E ! ! !

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That is great news!

That is great news! Congrats to everyone who fought this! I can't wait to tell the girls!

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A little more information

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Thank you to all of you who

Thank you to all of you who put your heart into this. I can't tell you all how much this means to me and the family.

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YaY!!! :)

YaY!!! :)

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Woo hoo! They might

Woo hoo!

They might actually make the city follow its own laws.

Will miracles never cease?

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The worst case scenario is

The worst case scenario is that the injunction is over-turned & we come out of this with an agreement through NKCDC & the City to re-open as our Knowledge...whatever....Center in a few months.
No matter what, Fishtown has alot to be proud of through this process..we are miles ahead of any other branch in terms of thinking about and creating a plan for alternatives and we were the first to raise a major stink/media blitz & form a viable option early on while keeping the heat on the City and our Council members in unity with the other branches. I am proud to be a resident of this neighborhood!
Having these vital Library services missing from easy access to our community was (and is) unacceptable & the way is was done is questionable. Thanks, Judge Fox for agreeing!!
I am so glad the other branches that weren't privvy to the the awesome community spirit,communication & organizing that took place here, now have the opportunity to buy some time to figure out what their course may be/
I have worked in Social Justice issues for many years and never have I seen a group of people come together so fast and so strongly behind an issue as I have with this in Fishtown.
The amount of work accomplished in a very small period of time has been mind-blowing!
Whether you are long-time residents or "Newbies"..... tonight....we all have reason to celebrate together because our voices, joined with others, has been heard.
Now we get to figure out..what next?? ( but not unitl after the New Year)
Happy New Year to All!

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this is great news, however

this is great news, however it is hard to be happy when we are losing engine 6 next week. my husband as well as many other guys are having to go to other stations leaving the neighborhood at risk for disaster. call me debbie downer but how can they keep the libraries open even for a short time and close engines and ladders?

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I hear what you're saying

I hear what you're saying and we shouldn't be losing Engine 6 either!!
What's going on with the Firefighters Lawsuit?
Are there any plans to blockade Aramingo & Girard Aves & get some media out here?
The last time we were facing this, residents were blocking traffic regularly.
There was a great turnout when we did that right after the cuts this time were announced.
Actually, I've been surprised that more actions like that haven't taken place for Engine 6 to my knowledge.

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The court rejected the

The court rejected the injunction. This is the last week Engine 6 will be open. I think the official date is Jan 5th. There was a rally/walk a few weeks back but it obviously didnt make a difference.