Library closing court hearing

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Lawsuit filed- Hearing Set- Monday, 10AM
A lawsuit was filed in Common Pleas Court this afternoon which orders and decrees Mayor Michael Nutter, the City, the Library and its board to hold off on library branch closures.

The hearing will be held on Monday, at 10AM.

More details on the grounds for suit soon, but the next move is now the city's.

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i wonder how much money the

i wonder how much money the nutter administration spent fighting state laws concerning casino and gun legislation? seems it would have better been spent serving the people of philadelphia then seving his personal agenda

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When asked about rescinding

When asked about rescinding the tax abatements, Nutter's response at a recent Town Hall meeting in Fishtown, was, "you can't take back what you already promised." Sorry, but I think having my house safe from fires, a library where people can use the internet for job searches, pools, playgrounds, is our right. We pay enough in City taxes, state taxes, federal taxes. When do, we the people, get a break?

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I was told by a very

I was told by a very reliable source that higher ups were at the Rec last week looking at rooms to put some of the library resources.