we have books...lots of 'em

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hidey ho neighborinos!

consider giving a loved one a book for the holidays. new stock is out and more to be put out today and tomorrow.

most books are 50% off the list price.

our warehouse is stocked with over 80,000 books and we are just a few blocks away.

if you are in center city and visit the christmas village down at city hall, please be sure to check out our book shop down there.

ho ho ho hope to see you....open 10am-5pm!

philly book co.
1113 frankford avenue
(just south of girard avenue)
philadelphia, pa 19125

on facebook? join our the philly book co group!


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Any chance you have 'COMPED'

Any chance you have 'COMPED' by Bill Kearney??

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Hahaha, no way Diamonds.

Hahaha, no way Diamonds. That is sold out everywhere, such great insight into the casino industry

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diamonds215 wrote:Any chance

diamonds215 wrote:

Any chance you have 'COMPED' by Bill Kearney??

I have a hard copy edition that I bring to the casinos with me. It makes a great drink coaster.