Thank You Memphis Tap Room

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Memphis Tap Room - you guys are the best!! Thank you for hosting the Fishtown Beer Runners. For those that didn't make it Brendan and his top staff rolled out the red carpet for us. The chef created a couple of special dishes in our honor plus a birthday cake with candles. Service, food, beer, atmosphere and the staff were stellar as always.

From all the Fishtown Beer Runners, Thank You!!!

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Yes, thanks Memphis Tap

Yes, thanks Memphis Tap Room! You were so accommodating as usual--we are lucky to have such a great place in the neighborhood.

Also, there were lots of tasty $4 drafts available. I consider that a bargain!

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You're very welcome. (I

You're very welcome.

(I legally changed my name to 'Memphis Tap Room' yesterday)

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You guys rock, you're so

You guys rock, you're so welcome & HaPpY BiRtHdAy!

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Nice little piece on "On

Nice little piece on "On Demand" about them.

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I want to add that Memphis

I want to add that Memphis also hosted a clothing/jacket drive this Christmas and I think that is awesome. I donated a ton of stuff that came from the lost and found where I work that had been hanging around for years. I let Brenden know how cool I thought that was and I hope more people did too. Just wanted to add more postive kudos to the post, hope you don't mind!! It's really nice to see businesses involved with the community where they are located and Memphis is the definition of a business that does this wholeheartedly.