Olde Philadelphia Bar

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I haven't been to the ye Olde in quite some time, but I ventured there this past weekend. What a great time I had. If you would have told me the crowd that was in there, I would swear you were lying. There were "normal guys" like me, hipsters, old ladys, blue collar workers, Kenzos, white, black (can I say that?), spanish and you name all getting along having a good time, and not to mention karaoke. You can't smoke in there which was awesome. Not pretentious at all, no bartender attitude smugness, and the prices were right on. Go Olde Philly!!!

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It's located at Dauphin and

It's located at Dauphin and Martha, no, not in the least bit Fishtown, but that's a really cool area in that pocket right there.

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can I get a $4 microbrew

can I get a $4 microbrew there?

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No you can't. Maybe Kung Fu

No you can't. Maybe Kung Fu Neck Tie

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I miss the quarter drafts at

I miss the quarter drafts at the original Johnny Brendas.

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the old philly is

the old philly is allright... i am in there regularly for takeout and smokes and occassionaly sit down with the neighbors for a beer. Its definitley a true Kenzo neighborhood bar the regulars and the staff are always friendly and people are always having a good time in there. Thanks Frank... despite whatever problems out little neighborhood over here is pretty chill and friendly.