Good Get Phillies

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Way too replace Burrell and not overpay or bring in some cancerous player . Ibaenz Stats should be the same and D will be better ..... We still luv ya pat good luck in the american league as a DH

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He is a solid player. I

He is a solid player. I just worry about his age and giving him 3 years ...

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ESPN just said something

ESPN just said something about the third yr being out option but its not confirmed ...... I like it better than pat at 3 years or 2 years @ 14 million ... Raul wont be replaced after the 7th for D either ...

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I like Raul as well as a

I like Raul as well as a player but I was hoping that they would bring in a right handed power hitter to hit between Chase and Ryan. Having the 3 lefties in a row will make it a bit easier for teams to bring their left handed relievers in to face them

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hey freak ... one thing is

hey freak ... one thing is he hits right/left the same so they cant just bring in a specialist for him in the late innings ...