Fishtown First Friday Craft Show

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Along with the Frankford Avenue events, be sure to check out:
Fishtown First Friday Craft Show

December 5, 2008 ***5pm to 9pm

636 Belgrade Street, Corner of Berks and Belgrade Sts.
Featuring Hand made Works by Local Artists:
Festive One of a Kind Jewelry, Hand bound books albums and cards,
Printed shirts and children's clothing, dyed silk scarves,
Mosaics, glass magnets and photography...

This is a perfect opportunity to socialize, shop and make new friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

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I know Minna Aayparyti will

I know Minna Aayparyti will be showing her jewelry and book arts at this fair, and her work is exceptional! I'm sure everyone else will be great too, after all, I believe it is mostly (if not all) Fishtown craftspeople!

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I should have asked...does

I should have asked...does anyone else know who else will be showing?

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I will be involved -

I will be involved - although technically I'm a resident of E. Kensington, and quite a few folks from Fishtown have made that very clear. . . any how I will have stained glass mosaics votive holders and vases, glass magnets and maybe some hand painted/stencil tshirts. The ladies were kind enough to include me - thanks ladies. . .

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Thank you all for your

Thank you all for your phenomenal support and turn out!
More great crafts items will be found at the Greensgrow Kensington Christmas on Saturday and Sunday-- December 13 and 14 from 1pm to 6pm!
Location: 2501 East Cumberland Street.

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What a great time!!! Talked

What a great time!!! Talked to a gentleman there about horror movies and could have talked to him for another 3 hours! Really nice items and really nice people. Next time Ill come there with more money to spend!