Pep Boys

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Speaking of Pep Boys (the gift cards thread from earlier)...

I took my car in because my oil pressure light was on. They called me back and said that my car was three quarts low on oil (oops) and that it needed an oil change, etc. Fine.

Then they proceed to tell me that I need new brake pads and new rotors and some auto jibberish that led them to tell me that my car would not pass an emmissions test.

I thought that was odd because the car is a 2006 and I have under 20,000 miles on it. I told them that I thought that was odd for a car that young, etc. They insisted that I needed the brake pads and rotors.

My neighbor is a mechanic and he said that were nothing wrong with my brake pads and my rotors.

Interesting Right? Shocking? No? I hate Pep Boys.

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I don't think there is any

I don't think there is any company I hate worse than Pep Boys. they could have killed me for chrissakes!

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Just proves that Manny, Moe

Just proves that Manny, Moe and Jack are scumbags. Good thing you checked with your friend Q.

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Interesting how the oil

Interesting how the oil pressure light lead them to check the brakes. What a bunch of low lifes. Unless you took it in for an inspection or you asked them to check the brakes they had no business even going there.

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Sounds like maybe they had a

Sounds like maybe they had a lot of brake pads and rotors sitting on their shelves going nowhere??

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This is shocking to me. My

This is shocking to me. My brother in law used to work there and he told me they were on the level on everything. He is about the most honest person that I know. I would have went to the manager. If you want me to contact the manager I still can and talk to him.

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While in New York I had a

While in New York I had a really bad experience at a pepboys in Brooklyn. They wanted me to do a $600 job when another place fixed the problem for $50 or something like that. After they gave me an estimate, this guy found me outside said if i bought the parts and brought the car in after hours he would do the work for half price. It was super shady.

I usually take my car down to a place in south philly where the work is always right and really cheap. However, when I've been in a bind for an oil change I've gone there because it's around the corner. Always had a good experience though. That really sucks.

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Pep Boys is only for

Pep Boys is only for emergencies when no one else is open... they suck and are expensive....I prefer a regular mechanic shop if I find someone I can trust with my car.... they will remember you and count on you being a repeat customer... pep boys is trying to get you in and out the door for as much dough as possible.... not really a fan of Auto Zone either. Frankly the last few times I tried to go to them for something Pep boys was totally booked and auto zone made me wait so long I left.

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Finding a Good Mechanic is

Finding a Good Mechanic is EXHAUSTING and FRUSTRATING'

I Don't mind spending a little more if it is fixed right.

I have been referred to the Almond Street Garage located at Almond and Allegheny Avenue, I have not HAD to use a Garage yet (knock on Wood) but I think I will try them out when needed' because a handful of People told me about them =) and send they were great so maybe someone else on here has used them

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I have used Garrison's .

I have used Garrison's . Great people , awesome mechanics and expensive. I have also used Clayt's on Cumberland and Moyer. Affordable and reliable. Clayt has a small garage and is sometimes backed up but he has always been honest and fair.