Garrison's Rocks

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I know many others here have vouched for Garrison's Garage so let me add my name. Super friendly...and I got my car back today after resigning myself to not having it until Monday. Best of all, now I don't have to watch the Dolphins game with a bunch of strangers and fratboy douchebags. Thanks Garrison's!!

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But do they rock like the

But do they rock like the rock and roll exxon?

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I suggested they add red

I suggested they add red windows and flames but they only said "we'll think about it."

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George, don't overdo it.

George, don't overdo it. You already have the "Music is my oil" tattoo.

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Don't pick on the

Don't pick on the Exxon!

It's part of an established architectural movement known as "Art Fisho".

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I love Garrison's and I'm SO

I love Garrison's and I'm SO happy I found them after 3 years of living in Philadelphia! I no longer panic when something is wrong with my car.

Also I love the lady who answers there phone. Such a sweetheart.